Welcome to the Fairfield County

 Association for the Education

       of Young Children ...

Mission Statement

To serve and act on behalf of all young children and their families in Fairfield County, with special emphasis on developmental and educational services and resources to foster growth and development of the membership in their work with, and on behalf of young children.




The purpose of our organization is two-fold:

(1) to advocate for the needs, rights and well-being of all young children and 
     their families

(2) to provide quality professional development opportunities for our 




As a member of Fairfield AEYC, Ohio AEYC and NAEYC,  YOU are part of an organization of professionals who share a common goal of helping young children, ages birth to 8 years, grow and develop in a healthy, positive and supportive environment.

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Looking for a Job?

NAEYC makes finding a new job easier.  Job seekers can view a list of available opportunities by visiting http://careerforum.naeyc.org/jobs.